Packaging Schedule


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All packs are scheduled for:

  • Tuesdays & Wednesdays
  • Saturdays | 10:00-11:30am
We are located on the Northeast corner of Minnesota Ave & 33rd St, on the East end of the Avera Living Well Center (see map) As much as we would like everyone to be able to pack meals for free...we must request donations because we rely completely on your funds to purchase all of the the ingredients and supplies and pay for shipping costs.
  • Adult | *Kids Against Hunger suggests $20-25/person
  • Youth | (high school and younger): $10-$15/person (as long as our youth fund lasts)
  • Non-profit organization | Please email us about our "scholarship funds"

*If you would like to schedule a packing event, please check the schedule below and
 request a packing date from Jeff Behrend.

*The dates listed on the schedule are dates that are already reserved.

Upcoming Schedule of Packing Events


Check your calenders, dates are filling up fast now that school is starting!!!





Please check out the packing details above and then . . .

use this form to request a packing date - Jeff Behrend






Dates below are reserved: Use this form to request a packing date  
Date Time Organization | Family | Group Group Size Hosted by/ # of meals packed
our schedule        



Meals Distributed to:

Sioux Falls BackPack program

To Haiti | Guatemala | USA | Zambia | Nepal



Oct 4, Tues 1-3pm Avara IT, Russ 16 5,616
Oct 10, Mon 6:30-8pm Weber 4H Group, Erin 15 1,944
Oct 12, Wed 6:30-8pm Spirt of Joy Lutheran, Laurie 46 7,560
Oct 13, Thurs 1pm- 6pm Marshall Kick Off Pack, Julie**Off Site 140 26,056
Oct 19, Wed 6:30-8pm St. Mary Parish Dell Rapids, Erin 19 4,104
Oct 22, Sat 10-11:30am Edgerton GEM's Girls Club, Jen 30 Maggie, Jon 
Oct 26, Wed 6:30-8pm Augie Campus Ministries 20 Maggie, Jon
Oct 29, Sat 10-11:30am

Celebrate Life Group

Shalom CRC Small Group, Myra



Nov 2, Wed 6:30-8pm Premier Bank Card, Susan 40 Evan, Dan
Nov 5, Sat 10-11:30am NRC Home School Group, Anna 25 Evan, Dan
Nov 8, Tues 6:30-8pm First Premier Bank, Lindsey 40 Kallie 
Nov 9, Wed 6:30-8pm Spirit of Joy Lutheran, Laurie 40 Sam
Nov 12, Sat 10-11:30am St Mary's Church, Julie 35 Evan, Dan
Nov 12, Sat 12-1:30 Augie Rec Services, Marissa 12  
Nov 16, Wed 6:30-8pm Living Word Free Lutheran, Emille 30 Evan, Dan
Nov 17, Thur 3-4:30pm Interstates, Marla  20-25  
Nov 19, Sat 10-11:30am Faith Baptist Fellowship, David 25  
Nov 28, Mon 6:30-8pm Cub Scout Troop, Tim 40  
Nov 30, Wed




Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, Sandy 150  Dan, Evan
Dec 6, Tues 6:30-8pm Sanford Health - HIM, Debbie 25  
Dec 7, Wed 6:30-8pm Avera, Linda 40  
Dec 14, Wed 6:30-8pm Westside Lutheran Church, Fenecia 45  
Jan 18, Wed 6:30-8pm Southern Hills United Methodist, Lauri  20  
Jan 25,  Wed 7-8:30pm Second Reformed Church Youth, Keith 30-40  
Feb 18, Sat 8am-5pm  Fairmont, MN **Off Site 500  
Feb, 25 Sat 10-11:30am Trinity Lutheran - Jesus and Me Youth, Michelle 20  
Mar 8, Wed 6:30-8pm Brandon Lutheran Church 5th Grade, Dan 35-40  
Mar, 11 Sat 10-11:30am Renner Lutheran Church, Jim 30  
Mar 14, Tues 6:30-8pm Avera, Linda 40  
Mar 15, Wed 6:30-8pm Brandon Lutheran Church 6th Grade, Dan 35-40  
Mar 22, Wed 6:30-8pm Brandon Lutheran Church 7th Grade, Dan 35-40  
Mar 29, Wed 6:30-8pm Brandon Lutheran Church 8th Grade, Dan 35-40  
Apr, 22 Sat 10-11:30am American Heritage Girls/Trail Life 30-35  
Apr 29, Sat 9:30am-12pm The Ransom Church Live to Serve, Phill 50  
May 3, Wed 6:30-8pm Zion Lutheran Church - Ok We Will, Mandy 50  
June 24, Sat 8am-1pm The Ransom Church, Phill 200