Packaging Schedule


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All packs are scheduled for:

  • Tuesdays & Wednesdays
  • Saturdays | 10:00-11:30am
We are located on the Northeast corner of Minnesota Ave & 33rd St, on the East end of the Avera Living Well Center (see map) As much as we would like everyone to be able to pack meals for free...we must request donations because we rely completely on your funds to purchase all of the the ingredients and supplies and pay for shipping costs.
  • Adult | *Kids Against Hunger suggests $20-25/person
  • Youth | (high school and younger): $10-$15/person (as long as our youth fund lasts)
  • Non-profit organization | Please email us about our "scholarship funds"

*If you would like to schedule a packing event, please check the schedule below and
 request a packing date from Jeff Behrend.

*The dates listed on the schedule are dates that are already reserved.

Upcoming Schedule of Packing Events


School is back in, spots will fill up quickly.

Get a group together and sign up.




Please check out the packing details above and then . . .

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Dates below are reserved: Use this form to request a packing date  
Date Time Organization | Family | Group Group Size Hosted by/ # of meals packed
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Meals Distributed to:

Sioux Falls BackPack program

To Haiti | Guatemala | USA | Zambia | Nepal




Oct 3, Wed 6:30-8pm Hilltop UMC Youth, Kris 14 2,592
Oct 6, Sat 2-3:30pm Briley and Cooper Birthday, Brad 16 2,592
Oct 10, Wed 6:30-8pm St. Mary Perish Confirmation, Erin 38 11,016
Oct 15, Mon 6:30-8pm Harrisburg HS NHS, Macy 28 6,264
Oct 17, Wed 11:45-1:15 Dakota Dental, Travis 17 4,104
Oct 18, Thur 6:30-8pm First Christian Reformed Church, Carl 21 3,456
Oct 17, Wed 6:30-8pm Christ the King, Racheal 29 4,968
Oct 20, Sat 10-11:30am Edgerton GEMS, Jen 36 Jessica
Oct 21, Sun 3-4:30pm Our Redeemer, Stephanie 30 Jerimiah
Oct 23, Tues 6:30-8pm Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Marilyn 30 Mark, Jessica
Oct 24, Wed 4-5:30pm Liberty Elementary, Aaron 30  
Oct 24, Wed 6:30-8pm St. Micheals Perish, Rhonda 60 Jerimiah
Oct 26, Fri 1:45-2:45 All City, Holly 10 Jeff
Oct 27, Sat 10-11:30am Calvery Reformed Church, Jennifer 30 Jessica, Hayley
Oct 28, Sun 10am Shalom, Heath *Off Site* 100 Jeff
Nov 3, Sat 10-11:30 St. Mary's Group, Julie  35 Jessica
Nov 4, Sun 2-3:30 Augie Student Association, Grace 30 Mark
Nov 8, Thur 6:30-8pm First Premier Bank, Amber 40 Mark
Nov 10, Sat 10-11:30am Holy Cross Youth, Miranda 25 Jessica
Nov 12, Mon TBD Wireless World, Kerri *Off Site* 80 Jeff
Nov 13, Tues 6:30-8pm Vance Thompson Vision, Megan 25 Mark, Jessica
Nov 14, Wed TBD Wireless World, Kerri *Off Site* 100 Jeff
Nov 14, Wed 6:30-8pm PREMIER Bankcard, Susan 30  
Nov 16, Fri 1:45-2:45 All City, Holly 10 Jeff
Nov 17, Sat 10-11:30am First Pres Church of Little Rock, Michelle 14  
Nov 27, Tues 6:30-8pm Lincoln Student Council, Caiden 32 Mark 
Nov 28, Wed 6:30-8pm EDGE Youth, Daine 45  
Dec 4, Tues 6:30-8pm Susan B Anthony Elementary, Jamie 35  
Dec 11, Tues 6:30-8pm Avera, Joline 30  
Dec 12, Wed 6:30-8pm Embrace Church Tea Campus, Heather 24  
Dec 15, Sat 10-11:30am NRC Homeschool Group, Anna 35  
Jan 18, Fri 1:45-2:45 All City, Holly 10  
Jan 30, Wed 6:30-8pm Larchwood United Church Youth, Kelly 25-30  
Feb 6, Wed 6:30-8pm Spirt of Joy, Eric 35  
Feb 12, Tues 6:30-8pm LSS Mentoring, Brandi 20  
Feb 16, Sat TBD Fairmont MN, Karen ***Off Site 600  
Feb 21, Fri 1:45-2:45 All City, Holly 10  
Mar 6, Wed 6:30-8pm Third Ave Squared, Shannon 30  
Mar 12, Tues 6:30-8pm Avera, Joline 30  
Mar 13, Wed 6:30-8pm Brandon Lutheran, Dan 35  
Mar 15, Fri 1:45-2:45 All City, Holly 10  
Mar 19, Tues 6:30-8pm Stan Graber Finacial, Mary 30  
Mar 20, Wed 6:30-8pm Brandon Lutheran, Dan 35  
Mar 27, Wed 6:30-8pm St. Micheals Perish, Rhonda 50  
Apr 3, Wed 6:30-8pm Brandon Lutheran, Dan 35  
Apr 10, Wed 6:30-8pm Brandon Lutheran, Dan 35  
Apr 13, Sat  10-11:30am Hope Lutheran Church, Elaine 32  
Apr 24, Wed 6:30-8pm Spirit of Joy, Eric 35  
May 17, Wed 1:45-2:45 All City, Holly 10  







Raise Awareness

  • Just talk about Kids Against Hunger to your family and friends. You’d be surprised at how many people want to help when they learn about how we are feeding the hungry and starving children of the world.
  • Volunteer to give a short talk on Kids Against Hunger to your church, service club, book club, anywhere you meet with others.
  • Use your social media –Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blog, etc. to talk about Kids Against Hunger and invite people to visit the Kids Against Hunger web site for more information.


Volunteer Opportunities

"I usually turn the channel when I see commercials about starving children. It makes me too sad. But something about what you are doing touched me and I want to help. I am only 16, but I think that I have to do something. I have to help these starving children." Emily A.

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Because Kids Against Hunger is a volunteer-driven effort, there are many ways to help. Of course, the easiest way is to make a tax-deductible monetary contribution. we rely completely on donations to purchase all supplies and ingredients from vendors, and could not exist without the fianancial support of individuals, corporations, schools, clubs, and people like you.

There are also many other ways to help. When you volunteer your time or resources, we save money that can then be used to purchase additional ingredients and supplies for our life-saving meals. Some of our needs are great, some are much smaller and easier to fulfill, but every single one of them needs to be fulfilled for us to continue our fight against world starvation.

  • Package food - it is a wonderful, fulfilling way to feel that you are making a real difference! You can see the progress with each bag you package and box up. From the very young to senior citizens, any group can be involved in this process. The most effective way to help in this manner is to do fundraising. Since there is currently a high demand for food packaging sessions, and it is challenging for us to keep up and replenish the additional ingredients and supplies used, we urge all volunteers to help us cover the cost of the meals they package by bringing in a financial contribution.
    On average, each volunteer packages close to two boxes of food in a two-hour session. At $0.25 per meal, that equals $80-$100 worth of ingredients. We want to give everyone the opportunity to package our meals, but the reality is that we must also cover the cost of the ingredients. Like many nonprofit organizations, we are suffering from the effects of the current economic downturn. We realize that the donation of your time is very valuable, and don’t want to turn anyone down for lack of funding, but we have found that it is possible for each volunteer to raise at least $25 or more by asking their family, friends, and/or neighbors for support.
    We would be happy to provide you with literature and other promotional materials to support you in your fundraising efforts.
  • Consider a donation of office supplies:Sharpie markers, colors & Black, post-its, note pads, pens, tape, hand soap, dish towels, tissues, huge garbage bags
  • Do you eBay? If you are a seller, you can donate a portion of your proceeds to Kids Against Hunger by registering with Mission Fish. They handle all the details - just make sure you designate your donation to go to Kids Against Hunger.
  • Think about how often you use a search engine to search the internet. Wouldn't it be nice if you could support your favorite charity while doing so? Well, now you can by making GoodSearch your default search engine and choosing Kids Against Hunger-Sioux Falls as the default charity. You can also shop online at GoodShop (choose from more than 500 great stores incl. Amazon, Best Buy, Dell, PetSmart, and Wal-Mart) and designate Kids Against Hunger-Sioux Falls as the charity to receive a portion of the purchase price. It's that easy!
  • Make a financial contribution by clicking on the "Donate" link above.
  • You could take the big plunge and become a member of our growing network of partners and satellites.

There are countless ways to get involved and be a part of this massive campaign to end death by starvation. Can you think of another way to help? Let us know!

Thank you for your continued support of Kids Against Hunger - we can't do it without you!